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Website design according to client's wishes

Do You need Website Designing?

Designing a website is currently one of the best investments you can make for your business. If you have a company or organization and you don't have a website - it's like you're gone.

What are the benefits of a website?


Users can find out information about you 24h / 365 days a year.


People can easily send you an inquiry at any time of the day.


Who will consider you serious if you do not have a site? It's a good time to grow your business.


Through pictures and videos you can present yourself in the best light.


You can get new clients, even without advertising your site.

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Dajbog! CMS

Your site will run Dajbog! CMS.

Dajbog! CMS is a "Custom made" CMS that will help you manage your site very easily.

It allows you to edit and add content to your site without coding knowledge.

Dajbog! is a CMS system that we customize to your needs, and it will have all the functionality that is required for the site to function properly.

As the CMS that we have developed is "Custom made", it is possible to expand and program it later to keep your site up to date with your business development.

  • Custom design is more expensive and requires more time
  • Template design can be seen as a demo site before deciding which one you want
  • Custom design can achieve anything that client wants
  • A template design site can be completed in just a few days

Custom design or purchased theme?

We have two options for creating a site. One is "custom design" and the other is website design with a purchased theme.

Custom design implies that the designer first draws the site in the image and as such introduces itself to the client.

Once the client approves the design, it goes into the programming phase and then the site is made by the design that has been adopted.

Template design means that the finished website design is already purchased and that the site is made using design blocks as desired by the client.

How do we stand out?

What will we take into account when creating your site?


The speed of opening the site is quite fascinating.


Security has been raised to the highest level.

Clean code

We write clean code understandable to other developers as well.


We will work to optimize and better rank the site.

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Planning to advertise your site?

We offer various opportunities for advertising and promotion on the Internet

  • With SEO optimization, we will position your site at the top of Google search
  • With Google Ads, reach those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer and appear among the paid ads now!
  • With Facebook and Instagram ads, target just the right group that will bring you the most profit
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