eCommerce solution

Want to sell something? You have millions of customers online, make a web shop!

Why do you need an online store?

If you have a store or just want to launch it, it's a good time to ask yourself whether to run an online store.
Believe us, we know that an online store can fix your sales.

  • Over 90% of purchases are made online
  • Your store is open 24/7
  • You can be the only employee
  • Your products may become the best-selling product on the market

Custom made or free CMS system?

Opinions are divided. We build custom made web stores and we can know in advance what your store can do and what doesn't. It can basically do anything.
With free CMS systems, we encounter primarily non-professional developers, who from what is supposed to do good, still make chaos.
Initially billing is quite cheap, but later it turns out that it is not the happiest solution, so you again opt for the more expensive - custom made solution.

Ready to sell online?

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I am Dajbog!

Dajbog! was developed to serve as a custom made CMS.
As such, it continues to evolve and improve. The main advantage is a modular architecture that enables development and dissemination in all forms. So Dajbog! can be used to manage web stores as well as to manage smaller presentation sites.

    Dajbog! already has a lot of finished and developed modules, of which we emphasize:
  • Credit card payments
  • Product filtration
  • Linking to Google Analytics
  • Ability to connect to various ERP systems
  • B2B module for VP customers and more

More about me - Dajbog!.

I'm developing

I can answer all your requests and I love learning new features.

I hang out

I can relate e.g. with your accounting system and display the data directly on the site.

I market products cleverly

I can collect all the customer data and market the products they are interested in.


I have worked with a number of local leading companies in the field of site optimization.

Let's see what that looks like in "action"

Who uses our online store system?

Are you planning to advertise your online shop?

We offer you the option of dynamic remarketing with Google and Facebook.
What does this system offer you?

Target a specific product to a specific customer

Show your ad to those who have entered the purchase process but have not completed it

Target a specific product to a group of people who have visited a category on your site

The possibilities are unlimited

Want an integrated online payment?

In addition to classic web ordering payment via cash on delivery or money order at the post office or bank, we offer you the option of billing your products online, i.e. payment by payment cards.

So far, we have integrated a lot of payment systems.

If you decide to make a payment online, we are here to advise you.