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What is SEO (Website Optimization)?

SEO optimization serves to better rank a site on search engines for specific keywords.
To help you understand what website optimization is, we will use an example from one Google lecture: "Imagine the entire internet as one big shopping center. Internet visitors as visitors to the mall. When visitors come to the mall, which is infinitely long, they can't go into every store and ask for the information they seek.
Whether you are at the beginning or at the end of that long hallway depends on whether or not you will have visitors."

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We will give you an example in real life as well:

Let's say an internet site works to optimize the site for keywords:
dog sales, dog ads, dogs for sale, gift dogs. If you type these words on this site will be among the first in the search.

SEO site optimization is a very arduous and exhaustive job, which lasts forever. It's not a job that is done once and that's it. Whoever told you otherwise is wrong, because you always need to refine your site optimization to stay in key positions. Progress in site optimization is not immediately apparent, but after some time.
The reason for this is certainly the search engine-dependent indexing of your site content (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...).

    There are two parts of SEO site optimization that need to be done:
  • Content optimization on your site (On page SEO)
  • Link Sharing and Increasing Your Page Rank (Off page SEO)

If both jobs are done well, success in SEO optimization is guaranteed.

SEO optimization must be done by the experts in this business, because if done poorly, it can lead to the "rejection" of your portal by the search engine, which is highly undesirable. So before you hire a "neighbor's neighbor" who "heard something" about optimization somewhere, ask yourself if it is worth it.

The cost to optimize your site depends on how much competition there is for the keywords you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for site optimization and you want the keywords "real estate in Belgrade" or similar, the price will be much higher than say for "vet in Belgrade", because real estate in Belgrade is already being optimized for some 15 sites, while for "vet in Belgrade" there are very few sites that do site optimization.

Do you have a site but don't have people on it?

In order to be successful in any business, it is essential that you invest in advertising for others to hear about you.

The best way to advertise is with internet marketing. A large proportion of people search the internet before buying or ordering a service. The most searches are on Google. People just trust Google and search even the smallest of things. Say "what time is it" - has even 18,100 searches on a monthly basis (even if they have time on their computer).
Internet marketing in Serbia is not very popular, so those who use it enjoy all its benefits.

Google Ads

are ads from Google. With Google search, you get two types of results: paid results and free results. The first are paid, and next to them is written that they are an advertisement, making them stand out from the rest. Paid ads are paid mostly per click. How many people click on an ad is how much money is being withdrawn from their account. Ads appear for specific searches: e.g. If you are dealing with real estate, your ad will appear when someone types "real estate Belgrade" but will not appear for the phrase "dog sale". This way, your ads will appear to those who are looking for real estate in Belgrade - just to those who are looking for your services.

How much does it cost?

You get what you pay for. If you invest 10 EUR a day you will have 10 / cost per click = visit. Let's say you are renting an apartment, the average cost per click is 0.05 EUR, for 10 EUR you will have 200 visits to your site. Of those 200 visits, let 10% buy your product or in this case rent an apartment, the money invested will be paid back multiple times.

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Facebook ads

Facebook has become a large social network and many dozens of people log into their Facebook account dozens of times a day. Facebook has ads that you can use to advertise facebook page or a site.
Let's say you do sales, you have a facebook page, and you want to increase the number of followers on the page, where people will like your page with one click on your ad.
Currently, the most common advertising is on TV, the Internet is just below the TV. In one second on TV, you can have thousands of clicks to your site from people who ask for your services. If we tell you that it took the television industry 15 years to do what the internet has in just 5 years, are you aware of what's going to happen soon and where to invest ...


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