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About us

Our alphabet is binary, our food is coffee, our motive is success

Freedom in everyone's work leads to great ideas.
In addition to our serious business, we also like to hang out, play darts, enjoy coffee and discuss future projects.
Global Webmasters was originally conceived as a domestic web application development company, but as the business has expanded, we have expanded our team, which is now there to cover all client needs regarding the Internet.

Our team

God, why did I need this?

Miloš Popović

CEO & PHP developer
Jovana Otanjac
And what do you say, it's just two clicks for me?

Jovana Otanjac

Project Manager & Frontend developer
Nemanja Stijak
Oh, I have a great idea!

Nemanja Stijak

Full Stack eveloper
Vladimir Radaković
It will be resolved, no worries.

Vladimir Radaković

PHP developer
Čedomir Ivanović
It will be as I say! You are willing!

Aleksandar Šafranec

Full Stack developer
I don't know anything, but I can draw.

Ivana Posrkača

Graphic Designer


Slavko Pejović

SEO Expert & Sales

Nikola Stojanović

SEO Expert & Content Creator

Ivan Marinković

Ads & Analytics Expert

Milena Veljković

Graphic Designer

We can meet you for coffee and talk about new cooperation!

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We try to devote ourselves to every project to the maximum.
We take care of all the details that matter. We will enjoy working together.


We are here to work together to build your business from “scratch”


We are here to give you ideas on how to grow your business in the fastest and cheapest way.


We are also here to have coffee with you whenever the work allows us.